The Shed


Three British mates from way back with a shared passion for football had a realisation. Now that they’d spent 10years living in Australia, they were clearly craving the plethora of English Premier League commentary and broadcasting they used to access to in the UK. At every wedding, birthday, dinner party and social occasion, Jon, Jeff and Roger could be found sat in a corner talking football. Not interacting with friends and family, but whinging about another failure of the England national team, the latest overpriced transfer or why the Premier League is the best league in the world (or not?). What about the Australian A-League? How’s Rooney going in the US?

So rather than continue as social outcasts, they decided to get together each week for an hour of quality football chat and open the floor to other football enthusiasts. With a microphone set up in Jeff’s backyard shed in Melbourne, the Football Shed was born! For football fans all over the world, if you like football, pub chats and banter, tune in every week to hear Jeff rant, Roger whinge and Jon wrangle some semblance of order.


The Shedders


THe bald bloke

Jon is a lifelong Man Utd fan, but so easily could have been a Crystal Palace fan. Before the 1990 FA Cup Final Jon decided whoever won he would support for the rest of his life After a 3-3 draw, Man Utd won the replay 1-0 through a Lee Martin goal. The year after United won the Cup Winners' Cup and the rest is history, the Fergie era had begun!

Outside of football, Jon has an honours degree in Visual Arts, is mildly addicted to TV cooking shows and Aldi wine and doesn’t like the countryside.


The guitar PLAYER

Jeff has been a frustrated Everton supporter for the last 25 years. Having not seen his team win anything since 1995, Jeff is desperate for an upturn in fortunes and every year he is disappointed, much to the joy of Jon and Roger.

When not in the Shed, Jeff loves hanging out with his son, eating cheese, leaving socks in places and buying cheap beer and sparkling wine. He also spends too much time travelling on Junkets all around the world. .


The Soil Sniffer

Roger was born in Bristol. He supports Bristol City. Boring. What have Bristol City ever done? The eternal pessimist, Roge is guaranteed to bring the mood down, highlight the flaws of a team and let you know everything that is wrong with football.

Other than football, Roge loves all sport unless its American. His two daughters run his life without him knowing and he spends his time sniffing soil, drinking beer slowly and going on holiday. Again.